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At Humboldt Zoom and Groom, we provide high quality, professional full service pet grooming in a safe and relaxing environment.

(707) 499-3716

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Why use Humboldt Zoom and Groom?

  • We provide safe and stress free grooming for your dog or cat

  • Groomers have over 15 years of combined professional dog and cat grooming experience

  • Your pet is groomed in a sanitary environment, no exposure to germs from other animals

  • Personalized, one on one care. We groom one pet at a time, so there is no loud barking and all of our attention is on your pet throughout the entire process

  • No drive to the shop! We come to you at your home or workplace.  No more carsick or panicked rides to the groomer. No more dirty pets in your car!

  • No cage drying! No cages at all! All animals are hand dried.

  • Most pets take only about an hour to groom and then go right back to you, so they don't have to be kenneled in a shop all day

  • We are completely self sufficient! No need to hook up to your home. We have plenty of fresh water and electricity on board!

Serving Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville and Fortuna

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Monday        9am-4pm

Tuesday       9am-4pm

Wednesday 9am-4pm

Thursday      9am-4pm

Friday           9am-4pm

Saturday       Closed

Sunday         Closed

Chihuahua Bath
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